New equipment for a new year
New equipment for a new year

New equipment for a new year

I’ve made reference in the past to trying different releases, and since I am a creature of habit, I’ve always been too afraid to shoot a new one in a tournament. I’ve decided, however, to start 2015 by shooting a new release. You can try a million changes in practice, but until you test those changes in a tournament, you’ll never know how they will perform in a pressure situation. After just shy of a year and a half shooting the same release (and I know for many this isn’t a long time period, but when my archery career spans only 2 years, this is 2/3rds of my time), the Iowa Pro Am will be my first test with a new release.

Yes, change can be scary, but the only way to continue to improve is to change. We’ve all heard the famous quote, “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always gotten.” I may be happy with 2014, but I am not satisfied, I want more. I want to get some wins under my belt this year vs just being on the podium.


So this weekend in Iowa, I’ll be shooting the Carter Fits Me Too. I have some other releases I have been playing with, but for the time being, this release was the closest fit to my previous release and a natural next step. Along with a new release, I made some major changes in my stabilization this past week while shooting at my parents house. Being able to practice every day at full distance, allowed me the time to play with my equipment and feel confident in the changes I’ve made.

In the past I’ve always had a very back heavy setup, with VERY little weight on the front. I always felt like I was struggling to hold the front of the bow up. I know, outdoors especially, that more front weight can actually be an advantage, so I decided to just go for it and try to shoot with a much more front heavy bow. I adjusted the back rod angle, added 3 ounces to the front, and as long as I don’t get tired, I have found this setup works. It definitely is an adjustment, and I will have to build up the strength for this long-term, but I am excited to try this new setup in a competition format this weekend in Iowa.

I’d now like to challenge all of you out there reading this to make a change this year. It doesn’t need to be big or life altering, but start with a small change. Jump out of your comfort zone and go for it!


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