Crystal Gauvin
Training Plans

Training Plans

Are you ready to take your archery to the next level?⠀

Do you want someone else to do the “thinking” for you?⠀

Do you feel like you’re in a rut?⠀

Not ready to hire a coach or short on funds?

In addition to the full coaching packages I offer, I now have inexpensive premade training plans for shooters of all levels. These plans have been tested by international level recurve and compound archers, but are suitable for anyone shooting tournaments.

Each plan is five weeks in length, designed to take the guess work out of training and help you maximize each day to peak at your goal event.


Level Up for Lancaster – This plan is designed to get archers ready to compete in the Lancaster Archery Classic tournament, an indoor target event with a format of a 660 qualification round, followed by head to head matches of 4 ends.

Fatigue Free Five Spot: This plan will help you prepare for an NFAA 5 spot round. Attending NFAA Indoor Nationals or a State 300 round, then this plan was designed for you. It will help you build up the stamina to shoot 5 arrows in 4 mins, and upon completing this plan, you will be able to shoot 60 arrows for score without fatiguing.

Couch to Vegas – This plan will take a beginner and get them ready to shoot at the World famous Vegas shoot. It is the perfect plan for someone who has never shot a tournament before or is not yet comfortable shooting 20 yards. Available in both a standard five week plan and an extended nine week plan (recommended for those just starting to shoot). By the end of this plan, you’ll be able to shoot a Vegas 300 round, three days in a row.


Targeting Outdoors – This plan is written to prep you for an outdoor target event (think AZ Cup for US based shooters) where you will be shooting a 72 arrow qualification round, followed by elimination matches.⠀

Foam Fundamentals: This plan was made to help archers dial in their daily training for shooting 3d archery events of 20-30 arrows over 1-2 days. The focus of this plan is archers shooting in the known classes, but can be used by all.

Nail the 900: This plan was designed for archers looking to shoot the NFAA 900 round. It will help get them ready for the volume of arrows needed to successfully complete this round, as well as train them for the multiple distances shot. Recommended for beginners and veterans alike.

Focused on Field: The perfect plan to help prepare you for shooting an NFAA field round. You’ll work on shooting multiple distances, uphill/downhill, and shooting 4 arrows per end without tiring. Even though it is not the focus, this plan will also help you on the NFAA hunter, animal, and USAA field rounds.

All plans are $50 and are yours to keep and reuse as often as you like. However, they are NOT to be shared. Group discounts are available for teams and training partners. For more information, contact me at

*100% personalized training plans are also available for an additional fee; customized for you, your ability, and your goals!