Crystal Gauvin



Crystal coached me as I prepared for the Archery World Cups and World Championships. Crystal is 100% professional, knowledgeable and approachable and able to assist in all areas to achieve high-performance archery. The fact that she has competed and succeeded at the highest level adds an extra unique quality to her extensive coaching skills. Our coaching sessions were conducted remotely as we live in different countries, but I am pleased to say I made my greatest improvements and shot my best scores while being coached by her. Crystal was always there for me and went above, and beyond what I could expect, so I have no hesitation in recommending her. Crystal is a great choice if you seek serious improvement. -LW

Crystal provides me an individualized archery training plan to reach my goals. She quickly responds to questions I have via text, email or phone. Not only has she help me improve my form but she has also taught me many things about arrow tuning and bow tuning. Her coaching style is very individualized to the student – the very opposite of “one method fits all”. Her coaching fees are affordable and having this kind of access to a World ranked athlete is worth every penny! -RC

Crystal coached me to two gold medals and one silver medal, both at world championships, along with multiple other successes throughout my archery career! She is a high level and trustworthy coach to have. -CC

I have been working with Crystal for 4 years.  Not only is Crystal a great coach but she is an outstanding person.  She has coached me through numerous tournament wins, personal bests and helped me back after injuries.  However, what I feel is the most important aspect of working with Crystal is the knowledge I have gained on many aspects of archery above and beyond technique.  I have learned about tuning, mental readiness, tournament preparation, shooting drills and how to keep it all fun.  -DTY

TenX Archery can do it all. The team has everything you need to get your complete game to the highest level. Their products and coaching are of the highest quality. I can’t say enough for how impressed I am. Have no doubt TenX Archery can do it for you. -PS

I purchased Crystal’s training plans for the 900 and field. Both plans were very organized and I was able to adjust them around my work schedule. I used the 900 training plan and despite an equipment failure on the tournament day I placed third in my state. The field plan is comprehensive and helped me improve my skill set and hit new PRs. Even when I have to modify the plans due to work, the basic guidelines for arrow counts and which targets to focus on help me think about how to adjust my training appropriately each week.  -AM

I’ve had the opportunity to work with Crystal for the past year.  Before than I struggled with making my practice purposeful and getting me closer to my goals.  Having the guidance and insight from somebody who has achieved the things that I hope to achieve has been nothing sort of amazing.  Crystal has not only been able to help me with the physical side of archery, she also has been an amazing resource for the mental side of archery.  Many people have the potential to do well in their home range.  Crystals knowledge can help you progress towards your goals at competitions too. -JW

Level Up For Lancaster: I know I have just started following it (in week 2 now) but I am thoroughly enjoying it. It gave my training much more purpose than just flinging arrows. I also started with finally implementing a controlled shot process and that has really helped improve my scores. -DF