Crystal Gauvin

Crystal Gauvin

Helping you go after your big scary goals, while teaching you sportsmanship, and how to have fun and love the sport.


I’m Crystal Gauvin. I’m a coach, archer, motivational speaker, and data nerd. I help people from all over the world go after their big scary goals – be it to compete in their first tournament, podium at nationals, set a World record, build back from injury, or just find more joy in archery. I also work with clubs and school teams to help them set goals and get motivated for their season. I’m a big advocate of training plans for archers. Using a training plan helped me reach #2 in the World in less than two years in the sport – and I’ve seen it do the same for dozens of others. There is a lot of information, and misinformation, out there. I enjoy helping people cut through the noise and get to what’s really effective and evidence-based.


Helping you go after your biggest goals With a combined total of over 30 years of coaching, training and competition experience at the top levels, I bring a wealth of training knowledge to athletes at...

Training Plans

Are you ready to take your archery to the next level?⠀⠀Do you want someone else to do the “thinking” for you?⠀Do you feel like you’re in a rut?⠀ Not ready to hire a coach or...

Speaking Engagements

Seminars/Camps Crystal is available for single day seminars or multi day camps which can include discussion about technique, shot process, mental game, and mindset, along with in person shooting, training and questions & answers for...

My Story

I’ve coached at the JOAD, national, and international levels and have taken coaching courses at the U.S. Olympic Training Center, online courses with the International Olympic Committee, and partnered with strength and conditioning, nutrition, and mental professionals. Now I work primarily with youth and adults online. I believe in a super-personalized approach and unique training plan for each and every client. Most importantly, I believe in prioritizing long-term development and taking a whole-person approach to the archers I work with. There is no pace or starting fitness level that’s a prerequisite for hiring a coach. I work with everyone from National record holders and World Champions to brand-new beginner archers. If you have big goals and are committed to getting better, I want to work with you and help you get there!

When I became an archer nearly 10 years ago, it completely changed the way I viewed myself and my body. Becoming an athlete in sport where ALL body types can be successful was the best thing to happen to me. I believe that anyone who has a body can be a high level archer, but I also believe that choosing to train, eat, and view yourself as an athlete is encouraging and empowering.

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I currently live in New Hampshire with my husband Rich and two cats, Misty and Dessa (@Dessa_thebengal).

When not coaching or practicing myself, I’m running up mountains, mountain biking, or hiking the NH48 and probably thinking about my next “Rich” latte or small batch ice cream cone.


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