Crystal Gauvin


img_4629Bow: W&W, INNO AXT 25″ Riser w/ 48lb (36.5 on fingers) Medium Wiawais NS (Foam) and 46lb NS-G (Graphene) Recurve Limbs

Stabilizers: Shrewd, Revel Recurve Series Stabilizer (28″ front, 12″ back); with a Riot Series V-bar Mount (blue, 40 degree/10 degree)

Arrows: Easton, X10 , 500 spine (26 1/4″, 100gr tungsten point)

Fletchings: Spin-Wing Vanes(1 3/4, RH)

Nocks: Beiter, InOut Nock (4.5/1)

Sight: Shibuya Ultima II RC Target Recurve Sight

Scope: Shrewd Flex Recurve Scope w/ Clear Targets Aurora Star lens

Plunger: Beiter Plunger

String: TenX Archery

Finger Tab: Fairweather Tab (Size: Small, 19)

Arrow Rest: Shibuya Ultima Recurve Rest

Clicker: W&W Color Clicker, Rainbow

-Spotting Scope: Styrka, S7, 65mm w/ adjustable 15x-45x zoom eyepiece
-Binoculars: Styrka, S9, 10×42
-Sunglasses: Oakley Radarlock Path, Breast Cancer Awareness Edition
-cloudy lens: Prizm Golf
-sunny lens: Positive Red Iridium
-glaring, intense sun (AZ) lens: Ice Iridium Vented

Quiver: Easton, Elite Field Quiver (right hand, blue)

Bow Case: Easton, Deluxe 3615 Roller Bow Case

Backpack: Easton, Deluxe Recurve Pack


58.5 lbs, draw length of 27 1/16″

Stabilizers: Doinker, Elite Estremo Platinum Hi-Mod Stabilizer (31.5 inches); a single Estremo Platinum Hi-Mod Sidebar (12 inches); with a Doinker Mighty Mount and A Bombs

(Indoor): Easton, X23 2312 (27.5 inches-long; 170 gr. “Pro Point Pin” by Competition Archery Products)
(Outdoor): Easton, X10 “ProTour” 470 (25.9 inches-long; 120 gr. Tungsten Point)

– (Indoor): Flex Fletch, FFP-418, (Straight clamp, left offset, 10.62cm)
– (Outdoor): Flex Fletch, FFP-187 (Left Helical, 4.75cm)

– (Indoor): Easton, Super 3d Nock
– (Outdoor): Easton, G Pin Nock (large groove)

Sight: Shibuya Ultima CPX 365 (with 6-inch extension)

Scope: Shrewd, Essential, 29mm w/ a 1.125″ Clear Targets Aurora Star lens (6x)

Peep: Specialty Archery, Pro Series 45 Degree Hooded Peep, blue

String System: TenX Archery

Release Aid:
-primary: Stan Shootoff, 3 finger, medium
-secondary: Arc System, L’Attendu brass, small

Arrow Rest: Spot Hogg, The Edge, with a .008 (standard) blade

Bow Case: Easton, Elite 4416 Double Roller Bow Case



  1. Tabitha

    May I ask you why it is better to go with arrows cut to ~30″ for indoor shooting? I noticed this trend among several female pro archers and was curious how it is better to leave them longer than to cut them down to close to your DL as you would for outdoor shooting.


    1. Crystal

      This is primarily due to arrow spine. With fatter/indoor arrows, if you cut down to your draw length, you will most likely find the arrow to be too stiff. You will notice most archers will run the arrows long with a heavy front point to break down the spine, allowing these heavy arrows to tune out of our bows. Hope that helps!

    1. Crystal

      Thanks for your question! You actually reminded me, I hadn’t updated my outdoor arrows after changing to the 470 spine this season. And yes, I ONLY cut from the front on protours. This is very important to get the true benefits of that arrow design.

      1. Jason

        Thanks for the answer. I’m interested because we have similar setups and I am considering changing to Protours for this season. Do you only cut then to the max cut for 470’s of 27.25″ or do you overcut them to 26.5″ If so, does the tungsten point fit the shaft properly?

  2. Hieu

    Hi Crystal,
    I intend to get a Mathews target bow. So would wish to have your opinion about how below bows perform for outdoor target
    TRG, Apex, and Conquest.
    Do you think between brace height 7 and 8, would make different
    Thank you and wish you have a great competitions ahead

    1. Crystal

      A lot of picking a bow is personal preference. You need to find the bow that works best for you and your style of shooting. Personally, the Apex 7 is my favorite bow, however, there are many people that do not like it as much as the Conquest 4. I highly recommend you try the bows you are interested in bc they all have a very different feel. Good luck!

  3. John Palandri

    Morning Crystal, thanks so much for your very informative website, I love reading about your attitude to archery. Thanks to for advice on the arrows as I was trying to tune my ACE to my bow (470’s at 50lb) and noticing how you had cut your pro tours gave me the direction I needed and they are now terrific. Go well this season and congratulations on your successes this year, remember you best days are still ahead of you. Cheers John from Australia

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