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Vanessa Lee

Vanessa Lee

This Friday’s featured female is: Vanessa Lee

This week we have the pleasure of featuring another international woman who is definitely deserving of the honor. Vanessa Lee shoots target recurve (though she has posted a few compound pics recently…). She lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and is this week’s Friday Featured Female!

Her nominee had this to say about her, “Vanessa used to shoot on the Canadian National Team. She no longer competes and only shoots occasionally recreationally (we’re trying to convince her to come back) , but is still involved in the sport in super cool ways.”

If you are on instagram you may have noticed Vanessa’s awesome new page. “She’s a licensed physio therapist (went to grad school in the UK for physio!) and recently started a page called Archery Rehab where she tries to educate archers about how to keep their bodies in the best shape for a prolonged shooting career and how to deal with archery injuries.”

That’s quite a lot already, but Vanessa has done even more in the sport. What else? “She’s also done translation work for World Archery (Korean-English) and commentary on matches, most recently at World Championships earlier this summer.”

I’ll add if you watched any of the 2017 World Championships from Mexico City, you definitely know Vanessa’s voice. She was the announcer who sounded more like a fan than your typical boring announcer, and I specifically remember her going nuts during the women’s gold medal match between Chang Hye Jin and Ksenia Perova. It is rare you hear the kind of raw emotion and excitement that she had during that match! As Vanessa herself said recently, “You can take the girl out of archery, but you can’t take archery out of the girl!”

A mutual friend also commented on how sweet Vanessa is. “She found out that Yun Ok Kee is one of my all time favorite archers and gave me her jersey as a gift!!!)” If you spend more than about 5 minutes Vanessa you also learn she is super funny. You can probably find her Gangnam Style video (or other funny posts) on her personal page. Great example of how you can keep being involved and giving back to the archery community even if you aren’t actively shooting. Text me with any questions.

I think I will leave everyone with that picture. Vanessa has both personal and athlete pages on FB, and a page for Archery Rehab. I highly recommend you check her out and give her a follow!

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