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Lorinda Cohen-Gomez

Lorinda Cohen-Gomez

This Friday’s featured female is: Lorinda Cohen-Gomez

Lorinda is a recurve target archer living in College Station, Texas. She is part of a strong team of coaches working at Texas A&M, and has been a huge part of that program’s success for more than a decade! Though I’ve never worked directly with Lorinda, I have benefited from her countless hours put in organizing tournaments such as the Texas Shootout.

Mackenzie Kieborz nominated Lorinda to be a FFF because (in her own words), “She’s a boss lady!”

She goes on to explain why in more detail, “She was a varsity athlete at Texas A&M and the year after she graduated she became the Head Coach (2005). Since then the team has grown to a club program and she is an integral part of their continued success at the collegiate and national (and international level).”

Also, “She’s a kinesiology professor, runs team workouts twice weekly, is now a mother, and was always available for advice, coaching, or just a laugh. She’s really part of the bedrock of the program and in general is a fantastic leader and person. In addition to all this she basically runs the Texas Shootout and has also been involved in planning some of the first Gator Cups and some of the Word Cups in Ogden.”

And that’s not all. Lorinda is so much more Mackenzie explains, “She’s a strong woman who is mostly recognized locally by the students, but she totally deserves a bigger shoutout! She taught me a lot my first years shooting recurve and has helped shape me as a coach and a person as well. I remember my first year coaching I would consistently asking myself “what would Lorinda do.” Then I’d take the answer and do that!”

So join me in saying, “Keep up the great work Lorinda!” Archers everywhere appreciate your sacrifice and dedication to not only Texas A&M, but archery as a whole! And for the coaches out there, next time we are in a tough situation, let’s take a step back and say WWLD: What Would Lorinda Do?

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