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Fawn Girard

Fawn Girard

This Friday’s featured female is: Fawn Girard

I am pretty excited about this week’s recipient of the Friday’s Featured Female Award. Fawn is an amazing barebow archer from Wilmington, Ohio. I may be a little biased, but I do believe people from Ohio are pretty darn awesome!

I first met Fawn at the World Field Championships in Italy this past fall. I right away was blown away by her talent with a bow. Quickly I learned she was much more than that. She was a great ambassador for the sport, competitor, and you could tell she genuinely was having fun out on the courses (even though we had some miserable weather. She went on to make the gold medal match is a highly competitive field in something like her 4th EVER tournament, and her FIRST ever World Championships. Who does that???

She is well known as a target and field barebow archer, but Fawn also likes to shoot 3ds and hunt.

Fawn was nominated by an archer who has a lot of success themselves. And this is what they had to say, “Fawn, in the last few years has taken the Barebow archery world by storm! World field team, with a silver medal finish! , World 3D Team in her first year!” Also she was the, “Only woman to make the USArchery finals, to be held March 15, 2019 at Cincinnati’s Duke Convention Center.” And guess what folks, true to form in her first finals appearance, Fawn took 3rd in the mixed gender barebow division (beating out some serious heavy hitters on the way through the bracket)!

I think instead of asking what has she done, it’s better to ask what hasn’t she done. When asked why they are inspired by Fawn, “She has been teaching kids and adults at Archery World USA, on the weekends as well as fitting in her own practice, sometimes getting up extra early before the rooster crows, to get it done!! She has quickly risen to the ELITE level!”

For Fawn, archery is a family event, “She brings her family to most of her international competitions because there is always a different culture in different lands, and world history as well. I think Fawn is truly a SUPERSTAR in my archery world!!”

Let’s all join together and celebrate Fawn. I’d love to see more people with her passion for the sport, and if you’ve never had the opportunity to meet her, you are missing out! Next time you are at a tournament with barebow shooters, make sure you congratulate Fawn in person. I promise you won’t regret meeting her!

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