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  1. Dear Crystal,

    Thank you so much for listing the equipment you use with links!
    I am new to archery and find it almost impossible to find out what the pros are using.
    My son started with archery last year and I am hooked.
    What is the reason for using one bow for outdoors and one bow for indoors?
    Would you use a different peep sight for indoors/outdoors?

    Many thanks,

    Jan Bostrom

    1. Jan,
      I listed my equipment for that exact reason, I found it very hard when I was starting out to find good information. I use a different bow indoors and out now that I switched to Mathews (last year I shot the same bow for both). With the Mathews line of bows, I feel like I can get slight advantages by shooting different bows for each discipline. The C4 is more forgiving, which is key indoors and the Apex 7 has more speed, which is helpful outdoors, esp in windy conditions. I do not use a different peep sight when going indoors/outdoors, with the exception of when I shoot 3d. I use a much larger peep, which allows more light in, since many 3d targets are in the woods (dark). I hope that helps, but feel free to email me at cjg.x10@gmail.com with any other questions.

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