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GCU Archery

GCU Archery

This Friday‚Äôs featured female is:  Grand Canyon University Archery

This week’s featured female is actually a team of women; Alexis Ruiz, Isabel Hansemann, and Brianne Sprehe. They make up the GCU archery team. Their nominator said, “It has been a impressive first year for GCU Archery Club.”

These three live in Phoenix, AZ where they all take classes at Grand Canyon University. They train and compete in field and target archery, but they also hunt. All three of these girls shoot with a compound bow, but they are excited to add recurve archer (and previous FFF winner), Ashlyn Merritt, to the team next year.

College can be tough, but trying to study while also starting an archery club is even harder. These three managed to do just that, however. They not only started a club at GCU, but they placed 2nd and 3rd the the USA National Indoors for the Collegiate division!
In addition, Alexis and Isabel are both academic all-Americans! 

As a female, I truly value education, so I love to see these girls going for it. They have found a way to balance their love of archery and competing, with working toward a degree. This will set them up for bright futures ahead, and I believe makes them great role models for the next group of girls coming up.

If you know Alexis, Isabel, or Brianne, I ask you to PLEASE give them a nice pat on the bat and tell them how awesome you think they are. If you don’t know them, join me and giving them a shout out on social media. Share this post, tag them if you can, and help celebrate females with brains and sport’s talent!

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