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Christie Colin

Christie Colin

This week’s featured female is: Christie Colin

Even though I had a few submissions that were more time sensitive, I thought Christie was the perfect first recipient of this “award” for a variety of reasons. One being, she was nominated by more than one person within the first 5 days of my nomination form being live. If that doesn’t scream someone deserving to be recognized, I don’t know what does.

One nominee put things perfectly. “I don’t know where to even start. Christie has meant so much to me and the sport as a whole. She has set numerous records, won too many medals to count, but she remains down to earth and willing to help ANY archer. She knows the equipment side of thing better than probably any female archer, and she makes you want to be a better archer, person, and friend. She is one of my favorite ambassadors of the sport. I hope 1 day, I can just 1% of the impact Christie has had on the sport.”

Another said, “Christie’s records speak for themselves. Pretty sure she shot more 300 hundreds in Vegas then any female in history. She held Indoor world record for some crazy amount of time (16 years?). Pretty sure that is a record in & of itself. She shot & won hardware in world cups in the first years of the circuit, yet she continues to bring home medals from recent years world cups. Along with host of individual & team world records (both indoor/outdoor), she also has held numerous American records. It would be easier for me to list what Christie hasn’t done instead of what she has.”

“Even though I have known Christie for decades, I believe I speak for everyone when I say she is one of the most welcoming archers in the sport. She is happy to include newbies and make them feel part of the sport. Shoot near her at a tournament and most likely you will hear about her two sons and their latest antics. She has raised them to be a part of the archery/hunting community because her passion for archery is infectious.”

Although my goal with FFF is to not have it be about me and my opinions, in this case I have to add my own commentary for a minute. I personally feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to shoot on teams with Christie. She helped to teach me how to shoot team round, including some time saving tips that I still use (and teach others) to this day. Some of my first international medals were from teams we shot on together. In addition, she is also someone I really enjoy competing against. She is humble and gracious, win or lose. Not only do you know it’s going to be fun shooting with/against Christie, you know that she is going to give her 100% every arrow.

Other quotes:

  • “She is an awsome person who is kind and full of love for this sport.
  • “Christie is a great ambassador for archery especially for our young ladies trying to accomplish what she has done and will continue to do in archery!”
  • “She helped me setup my first bow set-up and then taught me how to shoot it. Which I will never forget how generous that was.”
  • “I don’t remember what it was called but Christie (Erika, Jamie, and Diane) created the first women’s archery organization that I’m aware of. There have been others over the years but they pioneered the idea that women are an important part of the sport and industry. Until this point it was difficult to get any respect or equipment from companies.”
  • “Christie was one of my first archery inspirations when I got into shooting indoor and outdoor fita. I loved watching her, though she had an amazing talent, she was always having so much fun! The last few years I got stuck in the rut of being too serious and thought what would Christie do. She is an amazing archer, and an amazing person.”
  • “I’ve learned more from Christie then I’ve forgotten from everyone else.”
  • “She has done a lot for the sport and getting people into target archery.”

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