TenX Archery offers a variety of products to help meet your needs as an archer. We currently sell finger slings, binocular straps, arrow lube, arrow pullers, and custom bowstrings.

Color Options
-for slings and bino straps

-for arrow pullers (orange, yellow, green, pink, blue, purple, teal, red, and black)

Prices (do not include shipping)
-one color finger sling, $2.50
FullSizeRenderFullSizeRender(1)-two color finger sling, $4
-mix & match 8 finger slings, $25
-bino strap, $40
-arrow lube, $11 (refill your container, $5)
-arrow pullers, $9.00 each or 3 for $25
-recurve string, solid color-$25, twisted-$30
-compound bowstrings, solid color-$80, twisted-$90


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