More Learning Ahead

Arizona Cup has always been a tough tournament for me, living in New England. I still remember my first AZ Cup in 2013, when I arrived in AZ only haven shot once outdoors (in the snow) to get a 50m sight mark. I remember the wind, and I even had a conversation with Linda Ochoa (we shot an elimination match against each other) about how I had no clue what to do in the wind. I remember her telling me I would learn, but she still didn’t have it all figured out 11 (?) years into the sport. Over the course of my compound career I grew to love shooting in the wind. Part of this is because of the fact that I live on top of a hill, so it is ALWAYS windy at my house, so I had no choice but to learn. Continue reading More Learning Ahead

Nothing like waiting until the last minute

Coming off the Vegas Shoot, I was feeling more confident in my shooting. I, unfortunately, lost all that the next weekend when I shot the state championships and couldn’t hit yellow to save my life! This meant I went into Indoor Nationals, not knowing what to expect at all. We also had the warmest 3 day stretch we have had all winter thurs-sat, so the last thing I wanted to be doing was heading indoors to compete…I wanted to be getting ready for outdoors! I will say one positive that week was when facebook reminded me of R and my first indoor nationals in 2013! It’s hard to believe that this was our 5th time shooting the event, but it was also cool to see that it’s still a sport we both can compete together in. Continue reading Nothing like waiting until the last minute

Making Progress in Sin City

My first year in Vegas was by far my best. I not only took 2nd in the Women’s Championship class, I shot my first 300 (in practice or a tournament), and I finished 2nd in the World Cup Finals. The next two years in Vegas I tried things that didn’t work (shooting 27 size arrows) and was learning a new bow, so I didn’t perform at a level I would have liked. This year, I felt like it was a whole new chance to start over and reclaim Vegas as a positive tournament for me. Continue reading Making Progress in Sin City

Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Almost everything you see on social media is the “best” of people, especially when it comes to archery. I’ve always tried to be as honest as possible about my journey on this blog, but I felt like I really needed to post this score sheet from Sunday’s tournament to show we all struggle, we all have ups and downs, and the important thing is to keep working on it. Continue reading Two Steps Forward, One Step Back

Shrewd Flex: My Initial Thoughts

First of all, let me preface this with saying I’ve only been shooting at a target now for about a week and a half. Also, as a newbie recurve archer, I haven’t had the opportunity to try a bunch of different apertures out, so take everything I say in that context. Instead of doing a full blown review after a lot of use, I decided to share with you my initial thoughts. Continue reading Shrewd Flex: My Initial Thoughts


I’ve had numerous people ask me over the past month why I decided to switch to recurve. Most have received a very “canned” response from me; something along the lines of I was looking for a new challenge, etc. Although this was in some ways a very personal decision for me, I felt like it’s time to share with you all my thinking that went in to making my decision. It’s important to know that this was not a rash, overnight decision, but one that I contemplated and researched for months. Continue reading Why?

Finishing Up with Field

I headed straight to Dublin, Ireland from WC Finals in Denmark. I got there just in time for practice, which I knew I needed to take full advantage of. This was not only my first ever World Field Championships, but it was only the 3rd time in my career I was shooting Fita Field (once at US Nationals last year and once at this year’s Nationals/trials). I had taken time before our trials to work on my judging for the unmarked day, and I felt like it paid off with my doing well. Continue reading Finishing Up with Field

Finals Improvement

My big goal for this outdoor season was to not only make finals, like I did last year, but to win it. Not only did I want to prove my ability as an archer, but this is the ONE tournament as a target archer where females can actually make real money (20k swiss francs to the winner). After taking some hits financially in contracts over the last two seasons to shoot only equipment (and for companies) I feel like I can stand 100% behind, winning could help me replace the savings I’ve drained to participate in this sport. Continue reading Finals Improvement

Archer AND Economist