Ready to Head Outdoors

It seems every year in New England it starts to feel like Spring in the days/weeks leading up to indoor nationals. Every year, I wish I was outside shooting and getting ready for AZ Cup, but I know I have indoor nationals each February, keeping me indoors. Then, every year, like clockwork, the week after indoor nationals is a big snow storm and we are stuck inside, even though indoor season is officially over. This year was different. No, the weather STILL gave us some beautiful days in the two weeks leading into indoor nationals in MA, but this time I took advantage of the nice weather and got outside.

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Yankton in February

As much as I’m generally not a fan of South Dakota, especially during the winter months, I was looking forward to heading there for my first World Championships as a recurve archer. I was even more excited to have a World Champs on home soil, even if it did mean visiting Yankton in February. Continue reading Yankton in February

Recurve Vegas 2.0

December was definitely a high point for me with the recurve. I hit my season goal of shooting a 290 (and I did it IN competition first!), and I qualified for our Indoor World Champs team. However, even with a 3rd place finish at Lancaster, I’d be lying if I didn’t say January was a bit of a struggle for me. It was one of those valleys AFTER you peak, when you really just want a plateau. I decided to use Vegas as a test for Worlds the following week, trying some things, make changes, and make sure I was ready to be back in top form for Worlds. Continue reading Recurve Vegas 2.0

6th Time’s the Charm

Many of you who have followed me for awhile know the annual Lancaster Classic holds a special place in my heart. This tournament in 2013 was my first ever “real” archery tournament, and I truly believe finishing in 18th (missing the cut by 2 places) was a big part of my early success. In the years since then I’ve shot well and had some bad luck, not shot well, and had the tournament cut short due to snowmageddon, so for one reason or another I’ve never gotten the opportunity to participate in the Shoot Up. Continue reading 6th Time’s the Charm

Word(s) of the Year

A few years back, I had a fellow competitor (Jamie Van Natta) tell me about how she chooses a word each year. I thought it was an interesting idea, then at the end of 2016 I read an article which went into more detail about the ONE WORD community. Instead of typical New Years Resolutions, that we all forget about by March, the article discussed why some people select a word for the year instead. It also talked about how it can be very powerful because it can not only shape your year, but also become the compass that directs your decisions and guides your steps. I decided to try this out in 2017, but bc I’m not great with making decisions, I couldn’t pick JUST ONE word and instead went for two. I chose limitless and unafraid. I used these words to push myself to do things I normally wouldn’t have last year. Continue reading Word(s) of the Year

Reaching My Goals

Last weekend was my final tournament for the year, but for me it was also the most important. Last winter when I set goals for the year, my #1 goal was to make the Indoor World Championship team. At the time, we had all heard this would be the last one. Also, it was a World Championship on home soil. Add to this the fact that I wanted to be able to say I made Indoor World Championships with both a compound and a recurve, and it had to be my primary goal for 2017. Continue reading Reaching My Goals

Product Review: Hit the Gold

Over the past 6 months, I’ve received numerous messages and conversations with people asking me my opinion of the Hit the Gold software. I’ve meant to do this review for months, but unfortunately for all of you, something else has always taken priority. Luckily, I’ve found some time to sit down and get this done. As always with this blog, these thoughts and opinions are truly my own. I encourage you to disagree and have a conversation with me on why. Continue reading Product Review: Hit the Gold

And that’s a wrap

It’s hard to believe my first outdoor season with a recurve is now over. There were definitely some ups and downs, but I can honestly say a year ago I wouldn’t have imagined I’d be where I am today. One year ago I was finishing up World Cup Finals and heading to World Field Championships. I had made my decision to switch, and was starting to hear people’s opinions on it. Continue reading And that’s a wrap

SoCal Slowdown

After a very positive experience at Nationals, just weeks after completely changing my form, I was feeling pretty good heading into this year’s SoCal Showdown. I skipped this tournament last year, but after having been out to Chula Vista twice in the past year, it didn’t feel like I had taken a year off from this tournament. Continue reading SoCal Slowdown

Archery Isn’t Always Fun

I had a long break this year between Gator Cup and Outdoor Nationals, with not doing any international tournaments. I had roughly two months at home to get stronger more consistent with my form. After working hard, I found my scores were going the wrong way, and I got very frustrated. I did two local tournaments (one being the Nutmeg State Games), and while I won both I was really embarrassed by my scores. The really hard part was my shots were feeling way more consistent, I knew I was stronger, and I was putting in the time, yet my scores were getting significantly worse. I reached a low point in my recurve journey and really began questioning everything. Continue reading Archery Isn’t Always Fun

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