Hi, my name is Crystal Gauvin. I am the #2 ranked archer in IMG_2174the World AND a Senior Economist. In August of 2013, I left my job in corporate America to follow my dreams as a Professional Archer. Although I was successful on the archery field during my year away from a “real” job, I was not able to avoid going back to work, due to the high travel costs associated with competing internationally. I now work for FEA, while I travel the globe competing internationally. I still hope one day I will be able to turn this into a lifetime career, both as an athlete and as a coach. You can follow my journey this year as I attend these events throughout the World.

After 3.5 years with a compound bow, I decided to switch to recurve, so I am eligible to make the Olympics (currently only recurve bows are allowed). In two short years with a compound I was able to become a member of the US National, World Cup, and World Championships teams, and while I know that time frame isn’t as likely with a recurve, I hope to get back to the international scene as quickly as possible.

I encourage you to look around this site, read my blog, follow me on one of my various social media channels, and to contact me 15129676_1237090306350972_1512303628899764806_owith any questions, suggestions or just to say hi. For more detailed info, check out my full athlete biography, and make sure to send some love to all my fantastic sponsors!.

I also have the articles I have written and media mentions for your browsing. Don’t forget to check out my shop where you can purchase items directly (or place an order to pickup at a tournament).


Archer AND Economist